Masjid Al Tawheed is the only Mosque between Northern California and Central Oregon. We have members from all over the world: Asia, the Middle East, the US, Africa, Fiji and Indonesia to name a few. We are a growing Muslim community of families who are Immigrants, reverts to Islam, and students from the local University. There is a great potential for Islam to grow in our community.

Our mission is to: Live our faith as a congregation, inspired by the teachings of the Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as individuals and as a collective body, and to foster a mission of peace, justice, and compassion for all within our Mosque, our community, and the world.

Our Story

This little masjid was built in 2012-13. Everything was purchased with donations from our small community in Southern Oregon. Members contributed hundreds of hours of labor to bring our dream of a mosque to fruition.
In 2020, a devasting fire swept through the towns of Talent and Phoenix, leaving over 2500 families homeless. Everything around the masjid, except for a block building next door, burnt to the ground. Our landscape and garden shed, our parking lights and outdoor tables were all destroyed. Through a broken window, smoke and ash entered the masjid, and had to be thoroughly cleaned. But the masjid stood, Thanks be to God. Our small community was able to make donations to our unfortunate neighbors and to the Phoenix Talent School District.
We have since replaced the former lawn with a children’s playground and a pergola with grapes and roses growing up it’s posts. We enjoy outdoor seating and a fire pit. We have created a Quran Garden, using plants mentioned in the Holy Quran, with signage that references the sura where it can be found.
Our masjid attempts to be as GREEN as possible! We follow the guidance in the Quran and Sunnah regarding the avoidance of waste. During our monthly potlucks, we use real plates, cups and utensils  (even brothers can be seen washing up dishes in the kitchen) and discourage single use plastic water bottles. Our cleaning products are plant based and no dangerous pesticides are used on our grounds.
We participate in Interfaith dialogue when invited by other faith groups.  Sisters in our community have the opportunity to participate in United Kitchens— cooking and sharing family recipes while creating lasting friendships with women from the Jewish community.

Masjid Board of Directors

We have the best people from our community to run the Masjid and all the programs. Following is a brief introduction to the Masjid board of Directors.


Mary Foster


Sister Mary Foster served as Secretary and Treasurer on the Masjid Al Tawheed Board of Directors. She converted to Islam in 1991, after meeting many wonderful Muslims and studying the religion for some time. She is a retired special education teacher, having taught in various schools in the Rogue Valley for 30 years.

Mary enjoys garden design and has created several community gardens in the area. She and her teenaged students built the Blue Heron Community Garden in 2004, located in the City of Phoenix–just north of the masjid. This type of garden gives low-income people the opportunity to improve food security for their families. Mary is the chairperson of the Community Gardening Network, a part of the Jackson County Master Gardener Program.

She and her husband spend much of their free time travelling. In 1996 they did around the world trip called Abdi and Mary’s Hakuna Matata Adventure and had a page on the internet which chronicled their journeys. It can still be accessed at

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Zahra Daar



Ibrahim Hill


Ibrahim is a native Californian. After graduating from college, he joined the US Peace Corps and
sent to Isiolo, Kenya to help start a high school and teach. In Kenya, he met and married
Safiyyah, and, Alhamdullilah, they have been blessed with 2 children, Mohammed and Hussein,
and 2 granddaughters. Returning from Kenya, Ibrahim became a California State Parks Ranger,
and served at many locations across California. After a 40-year career, he retired as
superintendent of the State Parks Capital District, with oversight of the State Railroad Museum,
Sutter’s Fort, State Indian Museum, and more. After “retirement”, he acquired a teaching
credential, and in 2007, moved to Yreka, California where he was hired by Yreka High School.
He has settled into a very rewarding position as an adult education teacher. The Siskiyou
County Office of Education recently added “curriculum coordinator” to his responsibilities, a
role providing the opportunity to expand and develop job specific courses to match local
business hiring needs. These courses will serve all residents, but the greatest benefit will likely
be to those whose first language is not English. Alhamdullilah, Ibrahim and Safiyyah found
Masjid Al-Tawhid nearby, and they greatly appreciate the wonderful personal associations and
opportunity to serve the people of our faith.

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Diaa Mohammad


dr. asif khan

Taher Yahya


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Fadi Hussein


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Mohamad Hamad