Parents are working on offering the weekend education. More information coming soon...

Social Services

We are working hard to build and grow our community. For this very purpose, we offer potlucks (a meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish) every second Saturday of the month and each Saturday during Ramadan so that we would be able to meet know each other. We will begin to have Potlucks again in February, if Covid numbers are low.

We also offer Halaqa last Saturday of each month.

Marriage Service

Masjid Al Tawheed provides the services to perform Aqd or Nikah for Muslims according to the Islamic practice of marriage principles. When a Muslim has already decided to marry the person of his or her choice, we arrange to perform the Nikah at the Masjid Al Tawheed
The process is outlined below:

  • The couple marrying is ENCOURAGED to get a marriage license from the county.
  • Masjid Al Tawheed needs a copy of the official city license for their records.
  • We arrange to get a designated scholar to perform nikah within the requested time from the time the copy of the marriage license is submitted to us.
  • We require the presence of two Muslim witnesses for the groom and a guardian (wali) for the bride.
  • The ideal guardian for the bride is the father of the bride. In the absence of a father for the bride, the person performing the nikah will guide the marrying couple to arrange possible alternatives depending on their options. If the options meet the Islamic requirements, the nikah will be performed.
  • The groom with consultation and approval of the bride offers in writing the mahr or sadaq to the bride to be recorded on the certificate of marriage.
  • The nikah details are recorded on a prescribed form It is signed by the bride, the groom, the guardian, and the witnesses. A copy of that certificate is provided to the bride and to the groom. Masjid Al Tawheed will keep a copy of the records.
  • The official city marriage license is then signed by the person performing the nikah.
  • There will be a $50 charge for the Nikah ceremony. (we buy sweets, tea, flowers, candles)

Burial Service

Masjid Al Tawheed has a designated Muslim section at Scenic Hills Memorial Park in Ashland, Oregon.

We have devised the following protocol for the burial of any deceased Muslim:

  • When a family member dies, please contact either PERL FUNERAL HOME in Medford or LITWILLER FUNERAL HOME in Ashland and arrange transportation of the deceased to the funeral home. We have agreements with each of these agencies to be able to prepare the body for burial there. Burial should take place in Ashland, however, where the masjid has a Muslim section in the cemetery.
  • Family will alert the masjid either by calling the number on the website and leaving a message, or contacting Sister Mary Foster at 541-941-3180.
    Washing of the deceased will be arranged after the family has met with the funeral director and set a time for burial. It is recommended that this should happen within the shortest amount of time as possible.
  • Trained masjid members will meet with the family to prepare the body (men will prepare the bodies of men, women will prepare the bodies of women). It is best to have family members present for this washing. Masjid has burial shrouds available at no cost to the family. All other expenses will be discussed between the family and funeral home.
  • Masjid al Tawheed will inform the imam and announce the death to the community and give the time for the Burial and Prayer.